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Welcome to BITY Mold Supply, the shop for all your molding and casting needs.

It is our goal to provide you with the best materials for your project. BITY Mold Supply is proud to offer trusted brands such as Polytek RTV rubbers & plastics, Accu-Cast Alginates, Sculpt Nouveau Patinas & Metal Coatings, Premeire Products Inc. (Skin Illustrator Makeup & Telesis adhesives and removers), Chavant Clays, Monster Clay, Protolina Clay, and Hot Wire Foam Factory tools.

Our products are used extensively for ornamental plaster reproduction, art bronze casting, special makeup effects, prototyping, product development, displays, concrete casting, and cast stone production. Advances in silicone formulation have resulted in several easy to use 1:1 mix ratio silicones, as well as many easy to use polyurethane mold rubber products. BITY also is proud to offer the most popular special effects material around, PlatSil Gel-10 and PlatSil Gel-00. Learn more about Gel-10 and our other products on our YouTube channel. Call us today to find out which material is best for your mold making or casting application.


Learn how to use many of our different products as well as tips in many of the tutorial from one of our two YouTube Channels. Including our newest YouTube Channel specializing in Special Effects and all that goes with the making of SPFX props and more.  or

New to molding and casting? Wondering where to start? Don’t panic. There are lots of material options and it is easy to get confused. In addition to our complete product line we also offer great technical support to get you started.

Step 1. Idea. Use any of our sculpting mediums to get started. Chavant, Monster Clay, TexClay or water based White Modeling Clay are all good mediums for sculpting and bringing your creation into the real world.

Step 1 - Idea

Step 2 - Mold it

Step 2. Mold it. Use our mold making manual to help you choose the right molding rubber for your project. Got a really odd mold scenario not covered in any how-to literature? Call us up and ask. There are many different approaches and we can help you make an educated material decision.

Step 3 - Cast itStep 3. Cast it. BITY offers a complete line of casting resins as well as gypsum products. In addition to more traditional casting resins we now offer a line of fast-setting PT Flex castable rubbers.

For additional how-to information, BITY offers mold classes, Instructional DVDs and workshops. Click on our training page for more information.

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